ICS - Custom Controls & System Integration

Industries Served


Municipal Water and Wastewater

The water and wastewater industry is our core market, and we have thousands of successful projects across the country.  Our commitment to the municipal industry begins at the earliest level by assisting consulting engineers in the facility planning stage, and evolves into specification development, preparation of budgetary estimates, and concludes in design review. It is this important partnering aspect that sets ICS  apart. We take great pride in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with consulting engineers and the communities we service.

Extensive experience of public utility plant operations, ranging from overall process knowledge to software development, ensures each customer a system which is exclusively tailored to suit their unique parameters.


Governmental Agencies

Working with branches of the Defense Department, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Association, and government transportation agencies, ICS has established a proven track record.

The Grand Forks, ND flood of 1997, provided ICS. with one of our greatest challenges to date. By working around the clock to get their critical utility systems back on line, emergency controls were engineered and built in the same day. Our proficient staff of field service technicians devised creative solutions to re-establish the infrastructure as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Environmental Services

The reclamation of our polluted water, soil, and air, requires the knowledge of many diverse technologies. ICS has produced a significant history of making these technologies work together in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. 

Environmental engineering firms and their clients have recognized that our expertise in telemetry, and our ability to produce consistent data from each site, allows them to reduce mandatory site visits while  complying with all of their regulatory requirements. 

With over 100 remediation site control systems installed throughout the nation, we are committed to making our planet a cleaner and safer environment to live in.



Industrial clients can present the integrator with the exciting challenge of an open-ended scope and an expedited completion schedule. ICS welcomes such opportunities to work directly with clients to provide the optimum solution. Whether it is a complete drawing package, software requirement study, cost benefit analysis, calibration, commissioning, and/or training, ICS will be your partner throughout the project. 

Our primary focus is lowering customer costs by increasing production and overall business efficiencies, while diminishing maintenance expenses. Each client receives the same level of commitment from ICS in designing and implementing the system best suited for your individual needs, whether it is a single stand-alone machine control unit or a plant wide application. 



Aqua-culture represents an important and growing industry for both food production and conservation.  ICS has developed a unique and strong presence in this marketplace by developing and delivering application-specific solutions that encompass plant-wide distributed PLC-based automation, control and monitoring, fiber optic networking, well, pump, feeder and temperature controls, and instrumentation providing important critical information such as dissolved oxygen and temperature.

Recent installations include: