HEALY-RUFF - Control Products & Application Solutions

Application Solutions - Developed and Delivered Based on Decades of Experience


Our experienced engineers will work with you to determine how Healy-Ruff control solutions can be implemented to match the needs of your system and improve its efficiency. Our hands-on understanding of rapidly changing technologies within the water and wastewater industry give us the insight needed to help you determine the right products with the appropriate design specifications for your application.


Pumpak - Standard and Configurable Solutions for All Pump Control Applications

For years, Healy-Ruff Pumpak control panels have set the water and wastewater industry standards for pump control performance, quality and affordability.

Pumpak solutions are available in standard, configurable or custom applications and can be incorporated into any telemetry, traditional SCADA or icontrolTM web-hosted SCADA solution.


Hydropneumatic Tank Control 


For decades, Healy-Ruff’s Roto-Mag controller set the standard for Hydro-Pneumatic tank control.  We’ve now packaged that experience into our new Hydro-Pneumatic Tank Control (HTC), an “application solution” featuring the latest in control technologies.  It is also available with our icontrol!™, web-hosted remote monitoring and control service.

The Healy-Ruff HTC is the ideal solution for controlling system pressure in water systems utilizing hyrdo-pneumatic tanks.


Easy to Implement

  • Affordable "packaged" solution
  • 2 or 3 pump applications
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Fits in existing space
  • In stock for immediate delivery

Easy to Use

  • Easy to configure / change settings
  • View system pressure and pump & alarm status on LCD screen
  • Complete User Guide included
  • Remote web-based access via icontrolTM (optional)

Standard Features

  • Controller
    • 2 or 3 Pump Applications
    • Individual Start Set Points
    • High and Low Pressure Alarms with Adjustable Set Points
    • Pump Fail Alarms
    • Time/date Stamp of Alarms
    • Auto Alternation with Bypass
  • Pump Runtime and Starts
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Total
  • Air Add / Vent
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor (200 psi transducer)
  • General
    • NEMA 4X painted steel
    • Dimensions:  14”x 12” x 8”
    • Padlock Hasp
    • 90-240VAC Power (single phase)
    • UL508A label
  • Float Column
    • Integral Cast Iron Assembly, or
    • Remote Mount
  • Complete System Documentation and User Guide








Water System Solutions


Basic Level Control and Datalogging

Healy-Ruff brings simple user configurable level controllers at an affordable cost.  These economical controllers allow for a wide range of capabilites in one package.  Features include: