HEALY-RUFF - Control Products & Application Solutions

Legacy Product Support and Upgrades

Healy-Ruff products and systems have a long history of performance and reliabiilty.  We also support our products and have replacement and upgrade solutions for systems installed decades ago.  Call our service department and you will find that we have the drawings for projects going back nearly 40 years.  If we can't help you get your system back up and running, we have rcompatible replacement solutons feature our latest technologies and features.

"940" Roto-Trol Replacement


Roto-Mag - Hyrdopneumatic Tank Control


A/D III Replacement - Level Indication and Setpoint Control


Pump Control Upgrade Solutions


PRO-Line Telemetry  - Solutions for Expansion and Replacement


Systemanager:  State-of-the-Art SCADA/HMI Software

Our Systemanager SCADA/HMI software is also specifically tailored for water and wastewater applications. Specific features built into our software allow for fast and simple customization to your application needs.  This open-architecture platform can integrate with most common control platforms.  It is ideal for new resident SCADA systems and as an upgrade to Healy-Ruff Systemanager “Classic” and PRO-Line systems.