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True Control. Incomparable Value.

icontrol provides the ultimate in control functionality uniquely packaged for an affordable monthly fee. It’s a total control approach built on open-architecture, industry standard platforms and technologies for the greatest possible flexibility.

We offer more performance, functionality and value than alarm-dialers, web-monitoring and other basic monthly fee services, including dynamic process graphics and information, total process control, managed communications, superior service and support.

We host, program, license and maintain the system for you, resulting in a lower initial and on-going investment in engineering, hardware and software. icontrol is significantly more affordable, reliable and secure than traditional SCADA systems.


Process Status

  • Dynamic Process Graphics
    • Pump Status (Off, Run, Alarm, Acknowledged Alarm, Maintenance Due)
    • Valve Status
    • Alarm Status
      • Hi/Low Level
      • Power/Phase Fail
      • Intrusion
      • Seal Fail, OverTemp
      • RTU Communication Status
  • Dynamic Process Data
    • Levels
    • Starts (today, yesterday, total)
    • Run Times (today, yesterday, total_
    • Flow (today, yesterday, total)

Click to Enlarge Status Screen

Process Control

  • Equipment Control
    • On / Off
    • Open / Close
    • Alternation
    • Hand-Off-Auto (H-O-A)
  • Set Point Control
    • Start / Stop
    • Lead / Lag
    • Alarm Levels
  • Full PLC Control at Local Site
    • “Open Architecture” Connectivity
    • Flexible and Expandable I/O Options
    • Graphical User Interface
    • Removable Memory

 Click to Enlarge Setpoint/Control Screen

Process Data and Reports

  • Configurable Data Updates
    • Instantly upon Setpoint/Control Changes
    • Fast Update on request
    • Store and forward (option)
  • Graphical Trending
  • Exportable Data Tables
  • Standard Data and Performance Reports
  • Archiving (with automatic back-ups)
  • Custom Reporting and Electronic Filing Options   

Alarm Management

  • Alarm Logs with ID, time stamp and acknowledgement
  • Easy “Call Roster” set up and changes
  • Receive and acknowledge via cell phone, e-mail or PC
  • Monthly alarm notification tests

Communications Management

  • Proactive communication verification
    • Know if your remote communication link has been lost
    • Resolution initation and management
  • Technology and carrier independent – Cellular, DSL, Cable, POTS, … 

System and Security Management

  • Secure Data Center environment
  • System Redundancy
  • Managed System Access Security and Passwords
  • Data and Programming Back-Ups


Integrated Solutions

  • Entire system on one site
  • Simple serial-port connection to existing controller – no additional I/O wiring
  • Full-featured, UL-listed pump and process control panels from Healy-Ruff
  • Help Desk and support from water and wastewater control application experts